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Let us help you find the 'good' in good-bye by protecting your assets, your children and your sanity.
As Relationship Restructuring specialists, we know that your family situation is unique and requires a personalized solution. From Family Mediation, Settlement Negotiation, or Litigation, the team at the Vancouver area Deer Lake Law Group will see you through all the challenges of separation and divorce.
We are here to help your family during difficult times

If you are dealing with the breakdown of your marriage or marriage-like (common-law) relationship, or have other family law issues, the Family Law and Mediation team at the Deer Lake Law Group are ready to help with cost-effective and timely solutions for you and your family.


We will help you make important choices about the division of family assets, parenting time and child support, spousal support and more. We believe that such critical decisions should be made by you, and left to the Courts only as a last resort.


We dedicate ourselves to finding win-win outcomes for all your family law matters through Family Mediation, Settlement Negotiation, and other non-adverserial platforms, however; when necessary our legal team is ready to aggressively fight for your rights in the Provincial Court of British and the Supreme Court of British Columbia.


We are located in central Burnaby, British Columbia but can assist with your family law issue throughout the province of British Columbia, including Burns Lake, Fort St. John, Kittimat, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Terrace and more. We can also assist with inter-provincial family law matters.


We are ready to help! Come in to have a discussion with us or schedule a tele-conference (out-of-area clients). There is no cost to attend a 30-minute consultation to discuss legal representation. To book your free Initial Consultation, call (604) 430 2345 or email us.


We are an accessible law firm conveniently located within 15 minutes away from your home, whether you live in Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver, Surrey or North Vancouver.


We offer services in Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Punjabi, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Please call us at (604) 430 2345 or:

Andrew Rebane, Antonio Simoes, Lisa Sirlin and Kate Lee, Barristers & Solicitors, specialize in family law, family mediation, divorce, child support, child custody, common-law issues, Separation Agreements, Pre-Marital Agreements, Co-habitation Agreements, FMEP issues, Child Protection issues and all manner of Family Law litigation services in Supreme Court and Provincial Court with the unique needs of their clients in mind.

Family Law Services
Retaining a Family Law Lawyer
Let a Family Law Lawyer craft a solution for you and your family.

We can facilitate the restructing of your family and the rebuilding of your new life.  

We will also execute the necessary steps in the Provincial Court and the Supreme Court to ensure that your rights are protected.
Family Mediation Services
Working with a Family Mediator
A Family Mediator works with both spouses to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.  

We encourage all families to consider this rational approach to the restructuring process.

Even couples experiencing a moderately
high degree of conflict can benefit from mediation.
Divorces and Agreements
Uncontested Divorces & Various Agreements
Once you have settled issues surrounding the division of assets and debt, child and spousal support, parenting time, then we can draft a legally-binding Separation Agreement and file for Uncontested Divorce in the Supreme Court of BC.

We also draft and review Pre-Nuptial and Co-Habitiation Agreements.
Vancouver Lawyer & Notary Public Law Office, Deer Lake Law Group, Vancouver Lawyer Antonio Simoes specializing in Family Law, Separation, Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Marriage, Common-law, Prenuptial Agreement, Settlement, Litigation and Mediation Law Services settling court disputes with winning results.