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Let us help you find the 'good' in good-bye by protecting your assets, your children and your sanity.
As Relationship Restructuring specialists, we know that your family situation is unique and requires a personalized solution. From Family Mediation, Settlement Negotiation, or Litigation, the team at the Vancouver area Deer Lake Law Group will see you through all the challenges of separation and divorce.
Legal Services Consultation and Fees


Family Mediation is a powerful tool for settling most resolved issues. Unfortunately, Family Mediation is not a viable method of conflict resolution for all families. If you need to engage a Family Lawyer, Deer Lake Law Group will make every attempt to guide you through the process with as little stress as possible. Every effort will be made to keep the conflict from escalating, which only escalate legal fees and increase anxiety for the entire family.


At the Initial Consultation, the Family Lawyer at the Deer Lake Law Group will

  • discuss your family history and particulars of your situation
  • explain your legal rights and obligations (Family Law Act and Divorce Act)
  • offer to take immediate action to address urgent issues with respect to finances and children
  • present strategies with respect to bringing resolution to the unresolved issues in the most effective manner.
We suggest that you come prepared to the Initial Consultation with as much financial information as possible.

Financial Disclosure includes, but is not limited to:
  • 3 years of Tax Returns
  • 3 years of Notices of Assessment
  • A recent payroll stub or statement
  • Information about self-employment and businesses that you own
  • Financial details about your home and other properties
  • Financial details about your vehicles, trailers, boats and similar
  • Financial details about other property of significant value such as art, jewelry, and similar
  • Most recent statements from all banking institutions for all joint and sole accounts
  • Most recent statements from all jointly held and solely held credit cards
  • Most recent statements from RRSP, mutual funds, private pensions, and similar
  • Most recent statements from cash value Life Insurance policies
  • Most recent statements from mortgages, lines of credit and other loans and debts
  • Any other financial information which either spouse believes to be relevant

We recognize that you will work very closely with your Family Lawyer and we believe that it is critical that you feel comfortable with the Lawyer. Deer Lake Law Group offers a 30-minute Initial Consultation at no cost to prospective clients.  We reserve the right to charge for any time beyond the first 30 minutes.

Individual hours are billed at $300.00 and some services are offered on flat-rate basis.



If you and your spouse have successfully dealt with all issues surrounding asset division, support and parenting, and would like the Family Lawyer to draft a Separation Agreement, the Deer Lake Law Group will work with both spouses to prepare the Separation Agreement.

Working with both spouses, the Family Lawyer is unable to provide Independent Legal Advice to either spouse. The Deer Lake Law Group may direct individuals to seek Independent Legal Advice from a Family Lawyer prior to signing the Separation Agreement.

Both parties must consent to the use of the same lawyer to draft the Separation Agreement and must waive any Conflict of Interest.

Andrew Rebane, Antonio Simoes, Lisa Sirlin, Kate Lee, Vancouver Area Barristers & Solicitors specialize in family law, family mediation, divorce, child support, child custody, common-law, child protection issues, FMEP issues, Separation Agreements, Pre-marital Agreement and all manner of litigation services with their clients unique needs in mind.

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